Hephaestus Car repair Premium Joomla 2.5 responsive template

Our new template named Hephaestus Greek mythological figure, which is Crippled god of fire, metalworking, and crafts.

However, in our view this template can be used for auto repair shops, auto shops, car services. You could use it for all kinds of services.

Template is SEO optimized.

Those are some of the template options:

  • Basic settings
    • Template color - you can choose between three styles - fire, cubes or no background
    • Custom main background
    • All texts font type - you can choose from the default fonts
    • Titles fonts type
    • Logo type
    • Right container background
    • Logo text
    • Slogan
    • Logo image
    • Welcome text
    • Top center place for any ads

  • Social icons links
    • Switch ON / OFF Social links
    • Full FB URL
    • Full Twitter URL
    • Full Google+ URL
    • Digg
    • Add yout Skype name
    • Add Flickr web page

  • E-mail appointment
    • Switch ON / OFF appointment
    • Your E-mail

  • Slider settings - you can control when and how to display the slider. The possibilities are only the first page, always or never. You can choose the transitions effects and Caption. This is valid for each slide to 6.
    • Show image slider
    • Slide 1
    • Select
    • Caption 1

  • Facebook like box settings We have also included Facebook like box, so no need to search for modules or plugins. You can just choose whether to show or not. As you can choose what color is Facebook like box
    • Switch ON / OFF Facebook like box
    • Choose Color Scheme
    • Show faces
    • The border color of the plugin
    • The background color of the plugin
    • Show stream
    • Show header

  • Choice of map and location of your car repair services or shop
    • Show Google map on desktop version
    • Google map coordinates
    • Map type
    • Map zoom

New features, available only in Hephaestus

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